What do we register?

As a starting point, we register the information you enter to create an account at

Phone number

What are we using the information for?

Name, address and telephone number are used for our bookkeeping if you wish to purchase licenses for our system, this is for accountancy purposes only.
E-mail is used by for access control in the system, the e-mail is linked with an unknown personal password. For inquiries via support link in, reply to this email. You may also receive a new password for this email if you forget your password. We do not send any newsletters to your mail, we only respond to requests from you. We only use your information to enhance your experience of our platform and app.


All information is stored encrypted. You are responsible for the correct storage of written e-mail and password. For security reasons, any IP address that contacts our servers is logged for 15 minutes. This is done to prevent repeated attempts at unauthorized login on the platform. If changes are made to your account, our system sends an email to you as information about changes to your account. This is for your safety and ensures that you always know that changes are registered in your account.

Can you delete your registration?

Yes of course. You just send an email for support to delete, and we will delete your account within 30 days. Please note that all your missions, points and rewards will also be deleted. Once deleted, the account will not be able to be restored.